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What you will get with MobiDetails

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We thank all the academic teams who provide freely available tools for the community.
You will find below a list of references and versions of all tools included in MobiDetails:


This website and the associated API is maintained by the Laboratory of Molecular genetics, Montpellier University Hospital, France. Is is provided as a free for academic use service on an 'as-is' basis, without any warranty for accuracy. In particular, classifications do not necessarily reflect the classification considered in the laboratory.


Please cite:
Baux, D., Van Goethem, C., Ardouin, O. et al. MobiDetails: online DNA variants interpretation. Eur J Hum Genet (2020). DOI - PubMed



For any inquiries, please send us an .


Group's websites:

Deafness and blindness group at Laboratory of molecular genetics, Montpellier University Hospital

MoBiDiC, bioinformaticians at Montpellier University Hospital

Source code:


This service is based on VariantValidator (paper) to create the variants.
Logos made using Logomakr. Cookie Consents popup made with CookieConsent API.
MobiDetails uses several APIs to maintain its data integrity, including:

And some others to provide you the most up to date data:

Data sharing using LOVD:

MobiDetails and LOVD are working together to ensure a persistent sharing of the variants and annotations.
When a MobiDetails user defines an ACMG class, this action triggers the submission of the variant to the Global Variome LOVD shared database. As in MobiDetails the variants are not related to any patient or sample, this will also be the case with the LOVD submissions. Only the HGVS nomenclatures, definition of the variant and the ACMG class will be sent. The MobiDetails user will not be listed as "Submitter" in the LOVD instance (The submitter will be identified as "MobiDetails"). This behaviour can be modified in the profile page of the MobiDetails user.
This integration of the 2 system will ensure a larger diffusion of the useful data present in MobiDetails.

Non academic users:

MobiDetails is free for use, but non-academic users must register and be identified as such.
Their access to data will be slightly modified in order to comply with different tools terms of distribution. However, if you plan to make an extensive use of MobiDetails, contact us in order to set up a proper plan for you.

Privacy policy:

MobiDetails does not require an account, you can annotate and analyse variants as a public user (except for non-academic users, see above).
Authentication allows a greater experience and involves cookies, however, they are strictly functional cookies.
By registering, you agree that MobiDetails will store some kind of personal data. These data will not be used for any commercial purpose neither be transmitted to any organism. Their usage is strictly restricted to MobiDetails internal operation.